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Language jobs in UK

There are an estimated 7,000 languages spoken in the world today, with Mandarin Chinese, English and Spanish being the most widely spoken of them all. But increased globalisation and the rapid growth of many previously undeveloped nations has seen demand rise for people with other language skills too.

Brazil’s rise to become the fifth largest economy in the world has driven demand for Portuguese speakers, while a bolstering of trade links between London and Tokyo has driven demand for Japanese speakers.

The Middle East’s growing economic influence and increased ties with the UK has given greater importance to the need for Arabic speakers – just take a look at The Shard in London, the UK’s tallest building that was financed by Qatari investment.

Demand for Russian speakers has also seen a rise. Russia is reportedly the UK’s fastest-growing export market and although relations between the two states remain prickly, Russian language skills remain very much sought-after.

Large-scale Polish immigration to the UK has resulted in an increase in those organisations recruiting Polish speakers, while the UK’s strong ties to the likes of Hong Kong and China ensure continued demand for Cantonese speakers.

Although the use of French and German has been in decline over the last few years, they remain in high demand among UK employers. France and German make up the top three strongest economies in Europe along with the UK and employers still look for workers who can speak one or both languages.

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